Workshop: “Do good and talk about it” on 08/12/2022 l 3-7 PM 

Brief description:

If you do good, you have to let others know about it. And it’s best to do it in a way that is understood! Always expressing yourself in such a way that the other person can recognize what you want to say and what you mean is a challenging task. It becomes even more important when you expect something, such as support for a project or a business idea. “Good” in this context can have many faces and is sometimes elusive in description and even more rarely measurable. Nevertheless, it is important to deal with its impact and to learn how to talk about it. On the one hand, this includes dealing with things like value creation and appreciation as well as, for example, social added value. On the other hand, the basics of good communication and interaction are essential.  In this area of tension, we will experience an interactive workshop with a focus on (social) impact and communication as well as the application in the participants’ own context.

Participation is free of charge. The workshop will be held in German. The rooms are barrier-free. If you have any wishes or needs for your participation in the workshop, please let us know when you register.

The workshop will be conducted by Anja Herrmann-Fankhänel, entrepreneur, consultant and researcher for social & sustainable issues. 

You can register until 7th December 2022.

Link to registration: Click here.

Date & Time: 8th December 2022 I 3-7 PM
Stadtwirtschaft I Jakobstraße 46, 09130 Chemnitz
Format: Workshop, free of charge
Speaker: Anja Herrmann-Fankhänel
Registration link:

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