Social entrepreneurship – a vision

We are a group of people who believe that social entrepreneurship can improve society. We want to share this with you.


Co-Project Management

What is particularly important to me? A just society in which everyone can participate and everyone is heard. In Gründungsgarage I am happy to meet young people who are looking for solutions to our planetary problems and finding them. My heart beats for joint exchange, learning from each other and implementing ideas as a team.


Project employee public relations, rental and volunteering

I think it’s super important that young people get support for their ideas to solve social problems in the Gründungsgarage. Chemnitz and its residents in particular have a lot of talent that is often not fully utilised. I’m particularly looking forward to accompanying and spreading this project and its impact in Chemnitz through public relations work!


Co-Project Management

There is so much potential in Chemnitz and its citizens that we should finally make use of. That’s why I enthusiastically support the Gründungsgarage and its goals in our region. I believe that great ideas deserve to be heard and given space, especially by people without a big financial background or a large network. My goal is to strengthen people’s self-efficacy and to shape an innovative future for Chemnitz together.

Photo Erne


Co-Project Management & Specialist in Social Entrepreneurship. Currently on parental leave.

Meaningful work? Check! Meaningful work in beautiful Chemnitz? Double check! I am happy to be a part of Gründungsgarage. Here I would like to remind you that business and social responsibility do belong together. Mission drift? Nope, not with us

Photo Nadine

Assistence of Operation Management

Everywhere in the world it is important to strengthen togetherness and to make life more colourful and diverse. All of this is also needed here in Chemnitz. I like living in this city and have always wanted to support where creative minds strengthen the local community and make everyday life more worth living.


Co-Head of Operation Management

Helping people in Chemnitz and the surrounding area to realise their start-up ideas – a very exciting and very necessary project! I am happy to support this wonderful idea with my experience, my view of the finances and suggestions as to which direction the journey and strategic development of the project could take.

Advisory board

Attila Bihari

Frank Müller

Anja Herrmann-Fankhänel

Friederike Kislinger

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