The SAXEED idea competition goes into the next round

The SAXEED idea competition goes into the next round and this year we have a special prize “Social Entrepreneurship“. How can you make a positive contribution to people, the environment or the economy with your idea? What does it mean to found a social start-up? And how do you develop innovative and social business ideas and build a company, that not only aims to maximize profits, but also has the solution of social problems in mind?

Erne Schell, co-project head & specialist Social Entrepreneurship of the Chemnitzer Gründungsgarage will answer questions about the program for social entrepreneurs – in which you can participate next year.

Dr. Susanne Schübel, project management of the founder network SAXEED will give you information about the current idea competition and will answer all your questions.

Sascha Reich, founder of Reich an Holz will take you into his everyday life as a social entrepreneur and tell you his founding story.

This event is part of the Gründungswoche 2021.

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