Social Entrepreneurship Education

We want to share our enthusiasm for social entrepreneurship with young people and offer project days. We believe that social entrepreneurship education can be learned and should be promoted at an early stage. We try out entrepreneurial thinking and action in a playful way. Social responsibility is just as important to us. The young campus entrepreneurs are encouraged to come up with their own ideas and try them out. They are also encouraged to see the world with open eyes and to help shape the future themselves.

We help prepare young people for the world of tomorrow:

  • We support young people in helping to shape solutions for themselves and for the social and ecological issues of their time.
  • A variety of methods such as group discussions, brainstorming or team games are used. They strengthen group cohesion and promote social learning.
  • We awaken young people’s enthusiasm for getting something of their own off the ground. They reveal newly discovered talents and potential.
  • They utilise their individual qualities and skills to do so. For example, working in a team, self-efficacy, self-worth and creative power.
  • This can help them develop their own professional goals. Young people later find it easier to choose a future internship or apprenticeship.
  • Youth celebrate a sense of accomplishment and can reduce fears of possible failure.

Our Project Days

As a rule, we offer 4 project days at a time. We are happy to discuss the possibility of individual formats in person. A fixed group of a maximum of 25 teenagers and young adults takes part in the project days. We recommend participants are at least 14 years old. We conduct the project days at a location outside of the school. We are trained as coaches and certified by Futurepreneur e.V., one of our partners.

Do you still have questions? Would you like to make an appointment directly? Please contact Jeanette Hilger via e-mail:  gruendungsgarage@asa-ff.de

1st Day

A group of young people who took part in the Futurepreneur Project Days.

Creativity & Inspiration

2nd Day

Two young people during a workshop at the Futurepreneur Project Days.

Skills & Personality

3rd Day

Two young people exhibiting an idea from the Futurepreneur Project Days.

Development of Ideas

4th Day

Teenager triumphantly holding his fist in the air.

Realization of Ideas

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